Paige-Ruane, Inc.


Company History

Founded in 1976 by Frederick G. Paige, former owner of Rental Industry Services and Ronald R. Ruane, Sr.

Paige-Ruane, Inc. was incorporated to provide groundbreaking insurance coverages to the emerging long term leasing industry.


Ronald R. Ruane, Sr. created the Interim Car Coverage   policy form and also authored the modern version of the Lessors Contingent Liability Coverage form currently used by the leading carriers in the industry.


Paige-Ruane, Inc. also handles all claims related to our Lessors Contingent Liability program in-house and has developed a nationwide network of law firms that specialize in defending lessors and their insurers.


Paige-Ruane, Inc. identified early on what the effect Technology Network Companies (UberX) would have on the leasing industry and developed proprietary coverage forms providing seamless coverage, protecting the interests of the lessor in the event a leased vehicle is used for this type of livery use.