This Business Auto Policy provides the Named Insured/Lessor, indemnity and dollar one defense coverage if the lessee's primary insurance is not collectable on the date of loss.

This policy also provides mandatory financial responsibility coverages mandated by the state in which the accident occurs in if the lessor is found legally liable.  

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This coverage form was pioneered by Ronald Ruane, Sr.  This Business Auto Policy coverage form provides First Party primary liability and physical damage coverage for owned leased vehicles that are not under a written lease contract.  This policy also provides minimum financial responsibility coverages mandated by the state the accident occurred in.

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Lessors Contingent Liability

This policy is a following form owner only excess liability coverage form that protects the interest of the owner/lessor.  This policy specifically excludes from coverage any unwanted third parties trying to collect "excess" of minimum financial responsibility limits.

Owner only excess Liability - Difference to $10,000,000.


​Interim Car Coverage​

​Extended Warranty for the Power Sports Industry

commercial asset Lender Protection and Blanket Single Interest

​Lessors Contingent Physical Damage

  • Coverage available for Lessors that no longer track lessee provided primary insurance.
  • Liability Deductibles (per occurrence) with dollar one defense coverage included in the basic program.
  • Lessors Contingent Coverages for Daily Rental programs.​

$1,000. deductible comprehensive/ $1,000. deductible collision with a maximum limit of $50,000. per vehicle.

As the owner of a leased vehicle, the lessor could face a financial loss if their lease car has a physical damage loss and the lessee has failed to maintain the physical damage insurance required by the terms and conditions of his lease.  Lessors Contingent Physical Damage insurance protects the lessor's interest in the vehicle if, for reasons beyond their control or knowledge, the lessee's insurance is not present.​​

Our extended warranty programs underwritten by A Rated insurance companies will give companies involved in the power sports industry a competitive edge and provide an additional revenue stream at the product’s point of sale.

Our program includes:

  • State of the art infrastructure and technologies
  • Program incubation and growth strategies
  • Complete training and support solutions
  • Real-time program performance
  • Monetization of product performance data
  • Pricing and underwriting data sharing
  • Modular solutions
  • Profit sharing/reinsurance/alternative risk transfer

In order to provide a formal quotation we will need our Extended Warranty Application completed and returned along with 3 years of sales and returns for each product line.


Broad Form All Risk Physical Damage, Theft or Disappearance

For all types of Commercial Vehicles, Equipment, Machinery & Other Physical Assets, Loan or Lease Finance.

  • vehicles: autos, trucks, buses, livery
  • construction
  • excavation
  • farming
  • medical
  • retail fixtures
  • specialty tools
  • livery/ delivery
  • manufacturing
  • auto repair
  • logging
  • milling
  • machining
  • inventory